Why am I an atheist?

For the National Day of Reason I’d like to do a special post, one where I share with the readers reasons why I’m an atheist.

I grew up in a Catholic family, as most atheists did. Notice I don’t say I grew up Catholic, because I didn’t. I never fully endorsed the teachings and messages I got in church. My favorite part of the mass was when everyone shook hands and said “Peace be with you” because I had identified that as near the end as a young kid and was anxious to go play my gameboy that was waiting for me in the car.

The story gets interesting the way most stories get interesting: with a girl. To protect the identity of the person who has no idea I’m writing this I’ll call her Jessica. We dated a bit in high school and she was very religious. I mean VERY religious. I waited months to date her because she wasn’t sure if god was ready for her to date yet. I was still “Catholic” at this point mind you, and I did believe in god. After a while of dating a girl a while you’ll eventually want to do something to impress her, so I decided to read the bible and later impress her with all I knew about her faith. Well that was it. Many people have said it many ways: the bible is the quickest way to cure someone of religion. I read Genesis and thought “no, that’s not what happened at all”. I read Leviticus and thought “does any christian actually read and follow these rules?” I made it through the virgin birth and the resurrection, all the way to Revelations and put the disgusting piece of literature back on the shelf as a full blown atheist. My faith was fully dissolved.

Oh, and I broke up with Jessica later that same week.

That’s my story, if anyone reads this and wants their story shared on a crummy blog that has nearly 40 hits shoot me an email at bloggingwithoutgod@gmail.com and I’ll put it up on the site.


~ by Arsirion on May 4, 2012.

One Response to “Why am I an atheist?”

  1. Finally got around to reading a bit of your blog, and I’ll be sending a little bit of link love your way. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Actually reading the Bible was a big part in my path to atheism, but it was a much more gradual slide. I spent a while trying to reconcile the behavior of the generally liberal Christians around me with the barbaric parts of the Bible, so essentially, I went into cherry-picker mode. When I started encountering more and more fundies, that started to change. I abandoned Christianity and went vague newagey before settling into my current atheism thanks to skeptical forums.

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