This blog is, above all else, a mental exercise for me. Through it I will be sharpening my writing skills and above all else making a special effort to crystallize my amorphous thoughts into something that I can put down on a page or otherwise be able to communicate to someone else. I’ll try to keep the topics deep and insightful for the benefit of the reader.

If you have any feedback on anything at all you can contact me through my twitter account, or my email listed below.

Also, I’m looking to add a lot of content to this site fast so it doesn’t look like every other empty shell of a blog, so if you’ve got something you’d like me to post under your name email it to me at: bloggingwithoutgod@gmail.com


If you’re wondering why I call myself an atheist or just want to hear a story from my life you can find it at the blog post here.

Thanks for reading!